Friday, 20 August 2010


Eight o'clock already, when I was leaving the office. I tried calling a couple of friends, no one can have dinner with me. What a weird (but depressed) feeling.  It could be common in a city like this. But hey, is there anybody? I had nuggets on Moss burger, but having a stomach ache right now...

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

looking for passion

upset and depressed about the work, which is not a good thing. And I realised that management is really a serious topic.Those who are on the position should read some books (Drucker, probably). Or it's hard to lead the team. But maybe people like me (I guess I am kind of sentimental , plus sensitive) are not suitable to be in this postion. I think I am diligent...or it's just my assumption? I wanna travel...again

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Because you love me~must listen

On my way home, I just listened to the radio, as usual, very loudly. There's a call -in which appealed my attention. A man wanna request a song for his wife for their third anniversay. He said I am so lucky having you as my wife. Thanks for the daughter u gave me..and the song is "Because you love me" played on the wedding when we walked in to the church. I could help but think about myself. Is there somebody out there. really...Anyway, this is the first time I listened carefully to the song and the lyrics.
ps. damn, I hate the car accident, and the mistake I made.